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Drew Swankie 

Artist, Photographer, Publisher

I am creative thinker and team leader with over two decades of experience in the digital printing industry. When I'm not focused on my day job, I enjoy painting, drawing and photography. I am an avid traveller who loves to document all of the cool things I come across during my travels. I am also the co-founder of Swankie Publishing. With my brother and son we publish short stories, novels and comic books. It is the true culmination of all my artistic talents and industry experience. For more about my career journey, check out my resume below.

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Fine Art

I've been a visual  artist all my life. While my preferred media often changes,   my drive to create has never waivered. 

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A Photography 101 class at Arizona State University changed the way I see the world. I've been an avid photographer ever since.        

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I've worked my entire professional  career in the printing industry . My brother is an accomplished writer. Together we publish books.

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This site is a vehicle for me to share all the eye catching art and photography I have created over the years. If that is not enough I am also the co-founder of Swankie Publishing, an online publisher of novels, short stories and comic books. Email me at to connect or find me on LinkedIn to learn more about my career in the Printing Industry.